Reduce data and costs

Hi all,

We’re using infrastructure mostly to monitor our servers CPU/RAM/Storage and by looking on our data it’s going to cost much much more with new payment system.
I would like to know how to reduce that data so we will pay only for relevant data to us.
Also, what is the difference in data between “infrastructure hosts” and “infrastructure processes”?


Hey @SergeyP - great to see you here again. It’s been a while!

We’ll need to understand your account specifics to advise you on your pricing questions. I’ve contacted your account rep who can work out those details. Let me know if you have trouble connecting though - we’ll make sure you get the answers you’re looking for.


Do you have any updates perhaps?


Hi @SergeyP Did your rep reach out? Let me know if you’ve had trouble connecting and I’ll try to get you synced up. Thanks!

Hi @ebeach, afraid not yet.

I’d appreciate your assistance.


Any updates to this? I’m in the same boat

Welcome back to the community @richard.udovich - I’m about to DM you with your account rep details. Be on the lookout!