Reduce 'Metrics' data costs

Hi All,

We run clusters on GKE, and we are really interested in Nodes/Pods monitoring, APM and Browser features, but we have little use (for now) of time-series about everything. We are trying to figure out how to reduce our monthly costs, most of our data ingestion is from “Metrics”

Can we disable metrics collecting ? If so, we’ve found enable_process_metrics config. Will disable this prevent other integrations ( K8s, or APM ) to work correctly ?


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@sammmmmmmmm I think this doc would be able to provide some guidance: Manage data coming into New Relic

Hi @JoiConverse,

Yes, i’ve found that doc before, but it’s not really relevent to helping understand where the data come from, and how to pick which config to modify in order to enable or disable each data ingress.

As for example, we have a DAILY ingress of :

  • 54.68 GB “Metrics”
  • 15.78 GB “Infrastructure integrations”
  • 4.31 GB “Infrastructure processes”
  • 6.11 GB “Infrastructure hosts”

How can i know what’s actually included in the 55GB a day of Metrics ? That’s almost 39Mb per minute !

Outside office hours, the cluster doesn’t even have that much network traffic!

As for Infrastructure integrations, we only have GKE integration configured. How can we know which part of GKE integration is sending that much data ? The only thing we want to know with the GKE integration is how many pods/services are healthy, and which Deployments doesnt have required pods.

Have a great day!

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Thanks @sammmmmmmmm. Will definitely loop in one of our support team members to help! :slight_smile:

@JoiConverse Not sure if i am contacting the wrong people, but i am trying to reach your support on that subject since Day 1, But i never had any answer to my questions. I tried via chat, first time, the other person left the chat and did not come back, and second time i was asked on monday to write to support@, and still no answer.

Is this normal, what kind of delays should i expect ?

Have a great day,

@sammmmmmmmm Sorry to hear that this has been your experience! I have spoken directly with the support team member you were working with via the ticket. They have reached out to our account team which should be in contact with you soon to work out these questions you have. Thank you for your continued patience.