Refresh your browser monitoring solution with more integrated user metrics

Whether you’re managing a small online business or using Jamstack to scale a larger web application, you need actionable metrics that are easily accessible so you can deliver an exceptional digital customer experience and quickly find the root of any end-user facing problem.

New Relic browser monitoring is an all-in-one solution that helps front-end, full-stack, and web developers measure and improve application performance and end-user responsiveness. We’ve recently added some new features to our browser monitoring experience so you can easily troubleshoot and optimize your front-end applications. Check out our updates:

We have natively incorporated Google’s Core Web Vitals into the browser monitoring UI so you can immediately visualize and analyze your application’s load performance, responsiveness, and layout stability. If your site unexpectedly slows down or crashes, front-end engineers can find the problem and dive deeper into the issue without context switching.

You can filter your user traffic across desktop, mobile, and tablet device types–and use our intuitive filterable geography offering to hone in on user data trends that are region-specific.
These are both particularly useful as you debug and optimize your front-end experiences, because you can analyze more granular data. For example, you might see whether Firefox or Chrome contribute to higher page load time when your application is accessed on desktop.

Or, if it’s unclear which regions are experiencing higher page load times than normal, filterable geography can assist in tracking down the root of the problem.

These new features can help you quickly detect issues in webpage performance and may prove very useful in dynamic environments where scaling quickly is a priority.

Read more about our feature enhancements here!