Register Now for Data Nerd Days v2.0 - Bonus Round

I’m Rynn, a JavaScript developer working in developer marketing here at New Relic, and I want to personally invite you to Data Nerd Days 2.0, which is coming up fast. The New Relic team built one for every region - Nov 3rd in the Americas, Nov 11th in APAC, and Dec 1 in EMEA/Africa friendly time.

Remember when we used to meet up and build cool stuff together? We all missed that too. So we put together a by-engineers-for-engineers demo day of some fresh stuff we built like Instant Observability, CodeStream, and Pixie. 100% interactive workshops, no sales decks in sight. Plus, we’re running a whole day of basics for anyone new to New Relic One. Yes, it’s 100% virtual, and built to fit into your busy day. Come and go as you please—however it fits into your schedule.

Check out the schedule on the registration page and let your fellow explorers know in the comments which sessions you’re excited about! Personally, I’m eager to catch up on the new developments in Pixie & Open Telemetry, and I’m really looking forward to hearing about Real User Monitoring because I’ve never used that feature in New Relic.

Oh wait, let’s not forget the swag! The first 500 people to register will be entered to win a Nintendo Switch. And we have sweatshirts for all attendees! Not only that, if you attend 4 or more sessions, you’ll receive a badge you can proudly display on your GitHub or LinkedIn, and be entered to win an Xbox Series X or a Playstation 5. So what do you think? Game on? Register here

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