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Relic Solution: 5 Insights Dashboard Resources You Should Check Out



Data is just data until you apply the magic of Insights dashboards. By creating your own custom dashboards for the data you are collecting across all of New Relic, you can transform your data into intelligence. While data tells you what just happened, intelligence allows you to see around the corner, to what MIGHT happen, and allows you to craft a battle plan to meet the future head-on.

If you are getting starting with Dashboards or are looking to improve what you’ve already got, here are 5 resources you should have in your arsenal:

1. Get Familiar with Insights

If you haven’t used Insights much, start with a basic overview. The crew at New Relic University put together a great overview in this video:

2. Get ready to NRQL

NRQL is the language that all Insights queries are written in. If you are familiar with SQL, you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. Brush up on your NRQL with this free New Relic University video:

3: Quickly Add Graphs to a Dashboard

New Relic products are full of charts. See one that’s particularly handy? You can adds charts from nearly any New Relic product to an Insights dashboard with just a click of the button. In APM, Browser, or Mobile just hover over a graph and the option “Add to an Insights Dashboard” appears below it.

In Infrastructure, click the cogwheel icon to the upper right of a chart to view it in Insights. There, you can modify, name, add comments and add it to a dashboard. Watch this video for details.

4. Analyze Your Alerts

Alerts are awesome. Understanding the root cause of your alerts is even better. You can use Insights to create a dashboard that shows how many incidents have occurred for each alert policy, and which conditions triggered each incident. Check out this blog post that tells you how.

5. Label Your Data Just How You Like It

If you are reporting on custom events in Insights, you can change the chart labels to read whatever you would like, so you can easily see the data you’ve got, using your vocabulary. Check out this community post on the topic: Changing Pie Chart Labels for Custom Events

Bonus: Get more InsightDashboard goodness!

We’ve got some great Insights Documentation.

Share Your Dashboards! We will have Celebrity Dashboard sessions at FutureStacks 2018 all year long, so show us what you’ve got!

Happy Dashboarding!