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Relic Solution: Alerts in Infrastructure



Creating alerts based on infrastructure meta data allows for auto-assignment of a policy to any current and future matching hosts.

Why use Alerts?

We designed Infrastructure’s alerting system help ops teams scale their policies more easily with the fast moving nature of today’s production environments. When combined with Filter Sets, Infrastructure alerting gives you the ability to automatically apply an alert policy to any future hosts matching the criteria.

Adding Alerts

Creating alerts are quite easy–ensure you’re using the correct Filter Set you’d like to be alerted on, and find the chart relevant to your alerting criteria. Just above the chart on the right, you will see a cogwheel icon. Click it to expand the menu and select Create Alert Condition.

Once clicked, you will be taken to the alert creation page–which will allow you to design your alert around the criteria important to you. You can also add it to an alerting policy already created.

Want to learn more?

New Relic Docs has more details about adding alerts from Infrastructure.