Relic Solution: All About Plugins! Part One - Overview

This is the first in a series of posts all about New Relic Plugins, the spiritual predecessor to New Relic Infrastructure On-Host and Cloud Integrations.

What Are Plugins?

Plugins are integrations between New Relic and non-New Relic products. They allow you to see metrics from your infrastructure in New Relic that you would not otherwise be able to see using just APM or Servers. In this post I will refer to the product as ‘Plugins’ and the individual plugins which are developed for it as ‘plugins’.

How Are Plugins Supported?

A few plugins were developed by New Relic and are supported by New Relic Support. The remainder are developed, maintained and supported by their respective developers, usually through Github. The scope of New Relic support for New Relic-developed plugins permeates every aspect of the experience - Plugins and Alerts, plugin installation, NPI, charts and graphs, you name it. Support for plugins which are not developed by New Relic is limited to NPI, Alerts, and UI issues which are not related to the plugin’s function such as issues with publishing.

Below is a link to our official public-facing documentation as well as the Github directory where the code for New Relic-developed plugins live. Please read the documentation. If you read it once you will probably remember it and then it will be the gift that keeps on giving.

What Is The Future of Plugins?

Development and maintenance of the Plugins product is no longer on the roadmap, and further integrations development efforts have been shifted toward the New Relic Infrastructure Integrations, of which there are already several alternatives for existing plugins. For this reason it’s recommended to look toward the ever-growing list of Integrations before investing any time in the legacy Plugins product.

New Relic Plugins and Their Successors:

Here is the list of plugins developed and supported by New Relic and their Infrastructure Integration replacement. For those plugins created by other partners, please reach out to those respective developers for support. Plugin Central links require a login but storefront links do not:



Memcached Java:

Memcached Ruby:

Microsoft SQL Server:

Microsoft Azure SQL Database:

Rackspace Load Balancers:

AWS (single repo)…







…ElastiCache Memcached:

…ElastiCache Redis: