Relic Solution: All things Active Sessions

We’ve been seeing some questions in Support about Active Sessions so I thought it would be helpful to put together this quick and easy guide in hopes of addressing some of the main concerns!

First, what is a session?

A session is a unique login - each new entry of a username/password will create a new session. Additionally, a new session is created when logging into New Relic using a new browser.

However, having multiple tabs open in the same browser is not considered to be multiple sessions and should not be counted towards your limit.

There are two ways to end a session:

  1. Logging out of the platform by clicking Log Out in your dropdown menu

  2. Reaching the Max amount of time the browser can be left idle. The default is 14 days but is configurable in your authentication domain settings. You will be logged out and the session will be ended once this limit is reached. Please note that in order for this limit to be reached, the browser must remain open.

One question I’ve seen a few times recently revolves around whether or not closing your browser ends a session.

If your browser is no longer open, your token has expired client-side, but is still valid server-side. In other words, if you create a session and close your browser, this will not end your session. Please ensure you are logging out before closing your browser.

This is also true for incognito. Using incognito is considered a unique login and session. If you frequently use incognito, please be sure to logout before closing the browser.

Lastly, I want to mention Active Session Limits should only apply to folks logging in via email/password and shouldn’t be seen if you are authenticating via SSO/SAML. If you are session limited using SSO/SAML, please contact support.

Hopefully this helped provide some clarity!