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Relic Solution: Availability Monitor in Infrastructure and Synthetics



We know that availability monitoring is a key need for our customers. This had been a feature included in our Legacy Alerts product, but we’ve now made availability monitoring better in scale and scope from both Synthetics and Infrastructure. So let’s take this opportunity to review how you can use these options for even better availability monitoring:

Synthetics Ping Monitors

Synthetics monitors have a more robust fail logic than the availability monitor. When failures occur from any location, two more checks are immediately queued. If the third check fails, that location is marked as failing. This ensures that there aren’t any false alerts for potential outages. Since the old availability monitor isn’t able to store traceroutes, false downtime alerts generally occur due to network availability rather than anything related to your particular app. Synthetic’s 3-check process eliminates those false alerts.

Infrastructure’s ‘Host Not Reporting’ (HNR) condition

The Infrastructure ‘Host Not Reporting’ condition differs in the following way:

Use New Relic Infrastructure’s Host not reporting alert condition to notify you when New Relic has stopped receiving data from an Infrastructure agent. Unlike the legacy availability monitoring feature for New Relic Servers, this Infrastructure feature allows you to dynamically alert on groups of hosts, configure the time window from 5 to 60 minutes, and take full advantage of New Relic Alerts.

Have fun with your Monitors and/or new HNR conditions! And as always, post below with comments/questions. We’re excited to help you explore these features!

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