Relic Solution: Displaying Insights Results for Your Timezone

Unless otherwise specified, NRQL queries show results in UTC. Use WITH TIMEZONE and the time ranges will be relative to your timezone (or the timezone of the team you are supporting). WITH TIMEZONE works with today, this week, this month, this quarter, this year, days of the week, and any timestamp. For example:

Or, you might really only care about performance relative to your business hours. For example, starting at 8am on Monday and end on Friday at 5pm. Use the dates and times in conjunction with WITH TIMEZONE to see the data you want:

Pro Tip: Typing WITH TIMEZONE will automatically display the full list of timezones:

You can reduce the list of timezones by typing the first characters of your timezone:

A tip of the Nerd-Relic cap to Henry Shapiro, Insights Product Manager, for sharing this tip.


Very helpful when you have timezones which use daylight savings time. Means that you don’t have to add BST or GMT on the end of timestamp based queries. Saved me some troublesome queries once I realised that it existed.

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Thanks for the feedback @stefan_garnham - I’m sure if you find it useful others will too!

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