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Relic Solution: Does My Application Require Custom Instrumentation?



The .NET agent (Framework or Core) contains default instrumentation for specific application frameworks. This instrumentation will allow data for certain apps to be collected out-of-the-box. If the agent does not contain default instrumentation for your application (most console/service applications fall into this category), you’ll need custom instrumentation in order to tell the .NET agent what constitutes a transaction and what should be included in that transaction.

Check the following pages to see if your application requires custom instrumentation. If your application is not built on one of the app frameworks listed, you’ll need custom instrumentation.

Note: If you need to set up custom instrumentation for a .NET Framework service (non-IIS), be sure to configure your agent to target this type of application, as the agent does not target these apps with the default installation settings. This is not required for the .NET Core agent.

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