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Relic Solution: Filter Sets for Infrastructure



What’s a Filter Set?

In complex technical environments, teams need flexibility and precision when it comes to full-stack monitoring. You want your teams to see the exact information they need to solve issues before they become problems, and you want to shield them from the noise that’s created by information they don’t need.

Filter sets help you achieve that focus, allowing you to add filters to Infrastructure based on any Infrastructure attribute. By combining filters, you can share just what your teams need to know. For example:

  • A product team may need to monitor just the hosts running their app
  • A sysadmin team may need to monitor all servers running on a specific version of Linux
  • A team based in Asia may need to monitor assets based in the US during US off-hours
  • A Devops team may want to monitor their production environment for deviating package versions

How do you create a Filter Set?

Using Filters, you can combine as many criteria as you need to monitor exactly what your team needs to see. Just click on the blue “Add Filter” button in the left-hand pane of any view in Infrastructure:

You can combine Filters to create a set that can then be saved and shared with your teams:

In this configuration, three filters are applied to only view hosts that are in the us-east-1b region and have a “Role” tag in AWS of kafka and have an “Environment” tag in AWS of production. This particular Filter Set might come in handy for a DevOps engineering team managing a Kafka data pipeline through their services, for example.

If you decide a certain filter (or filters) in your set needs to change, they are also easy to remove. Just click on the “x” in the upper-right hand corner of the purple filter box to remove them. Your Filter Set will adjust automatically and the data on the right will reload to match the new Filter Set.

Once you’ve found a combination of filters that lets you hone in on what matters most, you can save the Filter Set so it’s easy to come back to:

All saved Filter Sets are shared in the account, but individuals can “favorite” a Filter Set, and your favorites will rise to the top of the list on a per-account basis.

For more information about Filter Sets and how to configure them, please see our documentation.

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