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Relic Solution: How Can I See Running Instance Count in Infrastructure?



How can I see a running instance count in New Relic Infrastructure?

This is a question asked by many of our customers when comparing New Relic Infrastructure to our old Servers product. If you’re also wondering about this, I’ve gone into detailed steps in this Level Up post. Our legacy Servers product showed a running instance count on any process in a timeseries graph.

You can get a running instance count with our Infrastructure product. Below, I’ve gone into the steps on how to achieve this using Infrastructure and Insights.

  1. Go to the Process tab and select processDisplayName in the Group by pulldown menu.

  2. Scope to the process you’re interested in using the funnel icon next to the process name. For this example I’m using the newrelic-infra process.

  3. Click the View in Insights button on any graph shown.

  4. Change whatever it said directly after SELECT to uniqueCount(entityAndPid).

  5. Since you’re only scoped to a single process, you can remove the FACET and the LIMIT 100 clauses.

  6. Change the time frame to as long as you’re interested in.

  7. The NRQL query I came up with when I was setting up this example is below:

SELECT uniqueCount(entityAndPid) FROM ProcessSample TIMESERIES WHERE `processDisplayName` = 'newrelic-infra' SINCE 1 month ago

The graph I generated looks like this, showing a timeseries of the instances of newrelic-infra over the past month:

You can perform the same steps to view any a running instance count of any process you want, scoping to the server or servers of interest.

Hopefully, this will help ease the transition from Servers to Infrastructure for many of you!