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Relic Solution: How New Relic Infrastructure Monitors Servers, Virtual Machines, and Containers


New Relic Infrastructure is your all-in-one place for real-time metrics about your systems. Infrastructure can monitor it all, from metal to virtual machines, to containers, all in one place. But how does it work? Here are some quick diagrams to help you understand how the magic happens:

Monitoring Traditional (Bare Metal) Servers

We monitor the CPU, memory, disk, and network used by the physical host and gather process information about the various applications running on the host.

Monitoring Virtual Machines

We monitor the physical machine hosting the virtual machines and gather process information about the hypervisor processes run on that machine. Additionally, we’re installed on each Virtual Machine, monitoring the CPU, memory, disk, network and processes running on each VM.

Monitoring Docker Containers (today)

The New Relic Infrastructure product today supports two ways of monitoring Docker containers. The first and preferred deployment model has New Relic installed on the host server next to the Docker engine, which means that a single license of New Relic can be used to monitor both the physical machine and all of the containers running on the machine.

What’s Next for Infrastructure?

We’re just getting started with Infrastructure and are hearing so many great ways that our customers are using our would like to use this product. Our engineers are hard at work developing new features to extend what and how you can monitor. Keep an eye out in the Infrastructure category in the Online Technical Community for news and notes about latest developments