Relic Solution: How to delete lingering user groups


My name is Hunter from New Relic Support and I’m here to share what you can do to ensure that a User Group in our New Relic One user model is fully deleted from your Organization.

Ever navigate to your User Management UI and find a group or two that you could’ve sworn you had deleted before? Or maybe you’re finding it impossible to actually delete a user group for good? Then this post is for you!

This behavior occurs when a group has been removed from the Groups and access UI but not yet Deleted.

In order to delete a group, you’ll need to first have an access grant built for it. Then, by selecting the ... icon for that group access grant, you’ll have the option to delete group.

Feel free to follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to the Groups and access UI
  • Select + group access grant
  • Choose one of the existing access grants you want to delete.
  • Finish building out a simple access grant for it and select add access.

  • Once you have an access grant built for one of the groups you’d like to delete, select the ... button on the far right of the access grant line
  • Select edit group and then delete group. Note that selecting remove access merely revoke the access grant, it will not delete the group.

  • Once this is done, check your User management UI and ensure this group was removed from available group assignments dropdown menu.

Following these steps should result in the Group now being fully deleted from your organization but I you’re having trouble or your group is still lingering around, let us know. We’ll be happy to help further if needed!


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