Relic Solution: How to Keep track of important product updates

Keep track of important product updates

New Relic is constantly improving we want to make sure our customers are informed with what is the latest and greatest! Here are some resources to keep apprised to updates on the horizon.


We know everyone get’s a lot of emails these days, but email is a very important way that we communicate upcoming product changes. We send out email updates to our customers for important changes. Be sure to open those so you are up to speed!

New Relic Explorer’s Hub

Yes, our very own community is a wealth of knowledge for product updates! Here are some tips to get started.

Step 1) Create an Account and log in (if you haven’t already)
Step 2) Sort by all categories > select a tag like EOL or whatsnew

From here you will see several articles direct from our Product teams about important EOL and product changes. It’s also an opportunity to reply directly with any feedback you have.

Step 3) Set up automatic notifications for new Posts by selecting the Bell > Watching First Post

Now you will be notified when there is a new post!

Release Notes

We have release notes for our products. Depending on which Agent’s and products you use, you’ll want to check these notes. An easy way to do that is set up an RSS Feed which can be added to things like Slack channels.

Here is an example from the Java Agent release notes:

For examples of how to set up the feed, check out Announcing Nerd Bytes - Weekly tips, tricks, & ideas about New Relic and observability

That’s it for now!

Have any other tips for keeping up to date? Reply and let’s work together to also keep this document up to date :nerd_face: