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Relic Solution: Insights Dashboard for Browser: Part 1 - Users




Want to create an awesome dashboard with your Browser data? Where you can view the most popular pages or know what is the busiest time for traffic. With this Level Up post, I will provide the steps to achieve this.

This dashboard will have a FACET widget where you can link the items in that widget to a pre-filtered dashboard of information relevant to just that facet, or filter the results of your existing dashboard.


How to get started

Create a new dashboard using the Rest API

We will use the API Explorer to create our Dashboard. The parameters needed for this call is an API Key & Dashboard API schema.

Copy the Users Dashboard JSON file here with your Admin API key & paste the json into the Dashboard text area.


Once the parameters are filled in, click Send Request, you should receive a 200 OK response.

View the Dashboard In Insights

You can now view the Dashboard in Insights by clicking on the All dashboards tab on the left of the Insights home page.

Here are some examples of what you can measure:

Most Frequently Viewed Pages

Recent End User & App Server Performance

Slowest Pages: Which pages are performing the slowest.

Busy Hour: What times are the busiest?

More information

Check out our Help Centre for more information on the topics in this post:

What’s next?

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