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Relic Solution: Intro to the Insights Timepicker



New Relic Insights automatically receives event data and attributes from other New Relic products – so you can quickly mine data that’s important to you. You can create a dashboard in minutes and share it with your team.

Each graph on your dashboard is called a widget, and usually they end up on your dashboard with their own duration (last 30 minutes here, last 2 days there). If you are dealing with a particular incident, it’s great to have all those widgets cover the same or window of time. To do that easily, Insights has a timepicker on Metric Explorer and Event Explorer. Just click to have all the widgets on your dashboard snap to the time window:

Here are Timepicker basics:

:clock2: Just click to pick a window of time 30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc.

:clock3: Use Custom to select a particular window of time (up to 7 days).

:clock4: When you select a time, it changes the URL so you can copy and share it with others:

:clock5: Click on Default to return the dashboard widgets to their original time spans.

:clock530: [Pro Tip] Add a chart from New Relic APM to Insights and then modify its time window on the dashboard to see a wider range of data or better understand the context of a performance issue.

Note: The Insights TimePicker is part of the Digital Intelligence Platform Winter Launch, which includes Alerting, Dashboards, and much more.

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