Relic Solution: Memory Free/Used % Alerts

Different sized hosts have varying memory resources, so setting static flags for exact memory values doesn’t always make sense. Memory % Alerting will allow you to set thresholds based on a percentage of your memory used/free, instead a of exact values so you can know when your hosts are running rich or running lean. Using too much memory on a host can lead to poor application performance, whereas, using too little memory on a consistent basis might mean that you are under-utilizing expensive resources that might be better used elsewhere.

To try this out: Go to your Account > Click on “Create Alert” (top right of the Memory chart) > Select 'Memory Free/Used %’ as the metric from the dropdown, and set your thresholds.


Unfortunately, there is no “Create Alert” to the top right of the memory chart - I’m guessing things have moved around since this was written - it’s not very intuitive now and I’ve spent some time trying to create a simple memory alert.

Hi, @Martinjohn.Dye: There is a Create alert option on the three-dot menu of each Infrastructure chart, provided you have the necessary permissions to create alerts in your account: