Relic Solution: Monitoring SSL Certificate Expiration

It appears that you do not have the correct API permissions to insert Insights data. Check the documentation for the type of key you require.

Folks this is great but How evaluate self signed certificates? Is it possible?


I have an issue with this script when an “url to monitor” has no A record but only a CNAME record where it refers to. When executing the script it 's aborting with this error when executing the check on the url with the CNAME:

Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND myURL myURL:443
at GetAddrInfoReqWrap.onlookup [as oncomplete] (dns.js:57:26)

How can I change the script CNAME is also resolved? Or how to change the script it doesn’t stop when one of the “urls_to_monitor” have a DNS resolving issue and putting something in the logging to monitor through NRQL but still execute the checks on the other “urls_to_monitor”


Hi all,

Need some help. For some reason one of my certs is not formatted correctly. The data formatter is fine for all the other certs. Any reason for this? Can it be fixed? see pics

Hmm! Could you share a link to that query @Ralphm3?

See below

Thx Ryan.

Hi @Ralphm3 - it appears as though the Expiration date is coming in as an epoch timestamp. Normally that is recognised by Insights and auto-converted. It seems that in this case, the timestamp in question is a large number, so large that Insights doesn’t recognise it as an epoch timestamp, and therefore is not converting it.

That particular date is some time in 2022.

From the data formatter you can specify that this should always be treated as a timestamp.

Something like this should work:


Ryan, I tried different combinations earlier with no luck. All the expiration dates show same date. Here is the outcome with your selections.

it looks like in that case you altered the Days to Expiration in the Data formatter, rather than the Expiration Date


Ah ok. I got it to work.

Thx Sir!


No problem! Glad it’s sorted out now :smiley: