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Relic Solution: New Relic Firehose Nozzle for Pivotal Cloud Foundry



What Is the New Relic Nozzle?

If Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is a platform you are using to host apps, you are already on a journey to deliver better software faster than ever. You know how important it is to monitor application performance, and we hope you are taking advantage of New Relic Service Broker for PCF to just that. But what about the performance of the PCF platform itself? Well now you can use New Relic Insights to get real-time visibility, all the way down to the container and microservice level. We’ve created the New Relic nozzle that connects to the PCF firehose and formats the data for ingestion into New Relic Insights. Now you can visualize log data and troubleshoot your PCF infrastructure more easily.

Below is a sample overview dashboard. It shows the load of all components by presenting the number of events from each PCF component - broken down by event types, jobs, origins, deployments, http requests. It also shows a list of error events, and a list of other (non-error) events.

Since your data is in Insights, you can easily filter on specific metrics, such as origins, jobs, and deployments. For troubleshooting, you can focus on a group of containers, or down to a single container. For example, here’s a dashboard displaying containers running on PCF:

Note: Please contact New Relic to obtain the pre-built dashboards for the nozzle.

What Event Types Are Included?

The New Relic nozzle ingests all firehose event types into one Insights event type called PcfFirehoseEvent. You can view these events as the following metrics:

  • Value Metrics: These are metrics that provide data from any of the PCF origins (Cloud Controller, Diego components, Doppler Server, MetronAgent, etc.)
  • Counter Events: Various counters such as count of failed and started long running processes (LRP’s), failed and started tasks, number of received http messages, sent messages, sent bytes, etc.
  • Container Metrics: used CPU%, used storage and memory, plus memory and disk quota for each container running on PCF
  • HTTP StartStop Messages: Information such as start and stop time of http requests, ip address, content length, etc.
  • Log Messages: Log messages! (currently not all log types collected)

Events can be generated from any of the following PCF Origins:

(For details about PCF Origins, see the [Diego Architecture] (( documentation .)

These can be from any of the following PCF Jobs (this list is limited by what is runnning New Relic’s PCF demo environment, you may have access to more, depending on tech you are running):

Now that you have visibility into your usage of the PCF platform, you can put that data side by side with information about your application performance, for a complete picture for everything PCF!

Get Started

The New Relic nozzle can either be pushed as a regular PCF application with “cf push” or you can use the tile version of it and install it in Ops Mgr so others in your organization can have easy access. The README file on the GitHub Repo provides instructions.

Get it Now

The New Relic nozzle is available on pivnet at

and also on GitHub:

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Is this compatible with IBM Bluemix (which is based on Cloud Foundry)?


Since Bluemix is built on CF, it should work, but we haven’t tested it. Let us know. :slight_smile:


Can you send the data to more than one New Relic account without having to set it up multiple times?


Not with the current version of the nozzle.
I can connect you with a engineer who is working the next version if you’d like to provide details of what you’d like to see. Interested?


Yes please that would be fantastic


Hey @cburke1 I understand Tori was able to get you connected to an engineer who can help out. Let us know if you have any further questions here.


Hey Ryan - yes conversations have started. Thanks all.