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Relic Solution: New Relic Handbook



New Relic Handbook.


As your digital business grows, your New Relic usage will likely grow with it. Often that means new business units in your organisation start to use New Relic, and they may turn to you for help with the set up of that. If that sounds like you then this handbook will likely help.

What is the handbook?

Our New Relic handbook is a template for you to build on. It features all the getting started basics, like defining a standard agent configuration, and detailing an Application Naming standard. A full table of contents is seen below:

  • Home
  • Accounts and Users
    • Account Naming
    • User Permissions
    • Security Considerations
  • Apps and Deploys
    • Application Naming and Labelling
    • Agent Configuration specification
    • Keeping your agents up to date
    • Deployment Markers
    • Key Transactions
  • Alerts
    • Recommended Alerts
    • Notification Channels
    • Incident Preference
    • Defined SLA Metrics
  • Dashboards and Events
    • Custom Attribute Formatting
    • Sample Dashboards
  • Support
    • Getting Help with New Relic

Why do we need a handbook?

Since you are the New Relic Experts in your company, new NR users will likely come to you for help. Having guidelines right at the beginning of their journey will help you to ensure that as little as possible goes wrong in your accounts.

For Example; in our Support team we occasionally see requests for deleting personal accounts from a corporate master account. Specifically where a user at a company wanted to monitor their personal projects, so they added a sub-account to the company parent account. This can boost the company spend at NR by over-consuming the contracted usage limits.

How do you use the Handbook?

Our handbook is provided in HTML & Markdown formats. You can clone our repo from github into your own environment & adopt the handbook to meet your own internal standards.

What you add to your handbook depends on your New Relic usage. If you’re heavy Synthetics users for example, you may add a section on Synthetics Permissions and Secure Credentials.
Since we provide HTML & Markdown, you have a couple of options, but you are free to copy this into your preferred delivery method.

The way we went is to leave the handbook in github - since Github nicely formats Markdown, and can host HTML files via Github Pages, this works well for us.

What if our needs are completely different?

That’s fine! There are almost countless use cases for the New Relic Platform, like we said above you may be a Synthetics heavy company rather than APM. So while our template may not be best suited for your needs, it still is a good idea to document your getting started guides for the same reasons we have mentioned in the ‘Why do we need a handbook’ section.

With all that said - we would love your help in building out our Handbook Template. If you think that the sections you add would be valuable to others, please feel free to submit a PR to our Repo. We can review and chat with you about whether or not we can add it to ours, with the goal of building out a larger ‘master list’ handbook.

Where is the Handbook?

In Github - check it out on Github here: newrelic/Handbook.

Synthetics scripted browser boilerplate? Show and tell!