Relic Solution: New Relic One URL Shortening - Update & Workaround

New Relic One URLs are long… very long! We see frequent requests for this to change in some way similar to past New Relic URLs, with parameters for Account ID / App ID / etc…

We do hear you on this! We are looking into it and while I can’t promise timelines, this is something we are going to be making updates to.

There is a workaround for now - using the bitly browser extension (available for Chrome and FireFox, though I’m sure there is similar for other browsers).

With this browser extension, once you click the bitly icon, a modal swipes in from the side with the bitly short URL, and an option to customise it.

From the screenshot below I was able to create a link from to

This is obviously an example of an already short URL getting shorter, but, the same principle applies to the longer New Relic One URLs.

So while we work on improving the New Relic One URLs, hopefully this workaround will stop your slack channels being filled with gigantic links.


Hi. The URLs may expose account information. Is it safe to use bitly to shorten the URLs? Bitly website info says yes, but I’m concerned about passing sensitive account info in a link to a shortening service like bitly.

Hi, @RiFlores: This is an old post. It is no longer necessary to use bitly to shorten links. New Relic One now has a permalink feature that generates short links:

Yes. The Logs UI has a share button to create a permalink, but it seems to create the link using the time range specified on the Log UI and if I create it using the last 3 hours filter (which is what I want); however, the link that is generated will be for the last three hours for when the link was created and not the last 3 hours based on the current time.

Any suggestions?

Rather than sharing a permalink, perhaps use the Save current view feature:

Looked at that too. That is actually how I was able to generate the link I wanted, but it’s really long and ugly. I’m trying to use it as part of a custom description in an alert condition, but it does not appear to support markdown or text formatting, hence the need to shorten the url.

OK, sorry. Sounds like we need a feature request to save “last X hours” in permalinks, rather than the specific hours of the time range, and/or the ability to generate permalinks to saved views.