Relic Solution: New Relic Users Quick Guide

New Relic User Types

Basic User

These users are free and have access to basic features like setting up reporting of data to New Relic, running queries of your data, making customer charts and dashboards, and setting up alert notifications. These users do not have access
to Full-Stack Observability features.

For details, see Capabilities.

Full User

These users have access to Full-Stack Observability features, including our curated UI experiences for APM, infrastructure monitoring, browser monitoring, mobile monitoring, and synthetic monitors. The Standard pricing tier includes one full user.

For details, see Capabilities.

New Relic User Pricing

Basic User


Full User

Three pricing tiers:

  1. Standard
  2. Pro
  3. Enterprise

User price counts against your Annual Pool of Funds.

See User count information under Billing calculation details. (Calculation details)

New Relic Transition Guide

Convert Your Users

If your account is switching to New Relic One pricing, your users remain on our original user model, with all associated roles and management options, but are now also categorized by user type (full vs basic) for the purposes of billing.

Steps for converting users


For more information please check the following resources:

  1. New Relic Docs: Capabilities for full users vs. basic users

  2. New Relic Docs: New Relic User Pricing REMINDER: Full Users count against your Annual Pool of Funds

  3. New Relic Docs: Managing and converting users

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