Relic Solution: No Access to Account R2 Error


Hello everyone! My name is Giselle and I am a Support Engineer on the Business Support Engineer team. We specialize in all things Account Access and Security related!

This post discusses what an R2 error means and what you can do if you encounter one. I’ll keep this short and sweet!

What exactly is an R2 Error?

Did you try logging into New Relic and see the below error? Read on!

  • An R2 Error happens when a New Relic User tries to log into a New Relic Account ID that is cancelled that they are not an Admin of.
  • For instance, your New Relic Account ID is visible in the URL bar on any New Relic page.

  • When a New Relic Account ID is cancelled, it exists in a cancelled state in case the account Owner wants to reinstate it later.

What can you do if you encounter an R2 Error?

  • Because this error occurs with cancelled accounts, look at the URL for the account number and ensure that is the correct RPM account ID that you are indeed trying to log in to.
  • You can do this by checking the URL as described above.
  • Once logged in, you might also try using the Account switcher to switch to a different account that is not cancelled.

If you are confident that you should be able to access that account, you will need to open a support ticket by visiting our Support Landing Page.



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Hello, when I try to follow the steps, I can not open a case, because I can not select an account in “choose an account” step in support page. Could you please help ?

Hi @cengiz.abaci,

Sorry to see you’re running into trouble. User access has changed a bit since this article was written. It may be that your user is on the newer account model. I’ll open a ticket for you in case you still have trouble logging in. Please check for notice in your email.