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Relic Solution: SAML SSO Tips


Did you just enable SAML and now your users can’t sign in?

Once SAML is enabled on an account, all users (except the Owner) will be set to a ‘pending’ state. All users will automatically be sent an email confirmation, which they will need to complete before they can sign in.

Are you about to enable SAML on your account?

Pro-Tip: As the Owner, don’t log out until you’ve verified that users are able to authenticate under the current settings. This will help mitigate any chance of being completely locked out of your account if that SAML integration needs changes.

Who can enable SAML on an account?

Only the Owner. While an Admin can set up and test a SAML configuration, only the Owner can enable it.

Can I have SAML on the master account, but not on the sub-accounts?

No. Any sub-account under a master account with SAML enabled, will inherit the same configuration.

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