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Relic Solution: Sending your Lambda logs to New Relic in a Support Ticket



If you are running into an issue with New Relic Lambda and would like Support to troubleshoot, it will likely require us to review the Lambda logs for the function in question. Here’s a quick way to copy and upload that logging information!

  1. Invoke the function in AWS Lambda
  2. Click on the logs link after your function runs:
Execution result: succeeded(logs) <-- click on this link
  1. This will take you to the logs in AWS. On the left sidebar in AWS, under Logs, click on Insights.

  2. Select your function and also the newrelic-log-ingestion stream

  1. Apply an appropriate Time Filter (depending on when the issue occurred), and a log entry limit (the default of 20 may not be enough):

  1. Under Actions select Copy query results (ASCII)

  1. Paste the text into a new .txt file; save and upload the file to the ticket.

Note that the NR_LAMBDA_MONITORING payload contains all the information the agent wants to send up, including metrics, events, some AWS account metadata, invocations and errors data. Keep in mind that some of that data (for example, New Relic legacy metrics) will not make it to NR One because our ingest pipeline does not consume them.