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Relic Solution: Sharing Dashboards



Hello Explorers!

Dashboards turn our data into actionable knowledge. Between custom instrumentation, NRQL, and the many chart types we offer, you can build dashboards to inform you about almost anything you can imagine. And you have! You have created dashboards that help you understand all kinds of important issues and tell the story of your business.

So now it’s your turn to pay it forward. Like everything else that’s worthwhile, building dashboards is a team sport, so we invite you to share your dashboards with your team - your fellow Explorers! This post is all about how you can share your dashboard to inspire and help others here in the community.

We’ll walk through @sschneider’s excellent post Dashboard of the Day: Segment Whitelist Investigation as an example of a shared dashboard. Here’s what an ideal template looks like:


This section may answer questions like: What purpose does the dashboard serve? What value does it bring your team? What problems does it solve? What questions does it answer?


If you’ve ever asked yourself “what are these * symbols doing in my Page View names?!” and gone through the process of adding segments to the Segment Whitelist, you know that getting it perfected can take a bit of work. What segments should I add? What did I miss that I should have added? How many apps need segments added to them?

This dashboard helps you answer all of those questions and some you probably didn’t think of! This dashboard shows which apps have Page View crushing happening and important statistics, the most useful segments that you should be adding, and common scenarios to help you set segment whitelists for success.


In Steve’s example below, we blurred out the data. We did this intentionally because some information is private. However, the meaning behind the dashboard still comes through and you can get the general idea of how it would in your environment should you leverage the queries in Insights.


Note: If you are concerned that your dashboard may have private or confidential information, but you’d still like to share it, here are some helpful tips & tricks.

  • Use a tool like Skitch or Preview to blur out parts of your image.
  • Open up the developer tools in the browser, search for the private text, and overwrite it. You can then take a screenshot with your newly replaced labels.

Dashboard Details

A few additional details around the configuration of the dashboard, including:

  • Required Products - Which New Relic products are required to use this dashboard?
  • Level of Effort - Is any custom functionality required to get value from this dashboard?
  • Settings - Any additional configuration you need to make in the dashboard filter settings


Required Products: Browser
Level of Effort: Low
This dashboard will work on the standard New Relic data models and does not require any custom attributes or events.
Use the gear button to edit your dashboard and configure the following settings:

  • Dashboard Filter: Enabled
  • Enabled Event Types: PageView
  • Enabled Attributes: appName , pageUrl

Chart Details

Detailed information on an individual chart in your dashboard. Including:

  • Chart title
  • Chart visualization setting
  • NRQL query
  • Description of the purpose of this chart, what information does it display? Is this widget facet linked to any other charts? How does it fit into the workflow of this dashboard?


Total Page Views By App Name

Pie Chart Setting

SELECT count(*) from PageView facet appName since 7 days ago
Total number of Page Views recorded for the given time period. Helps you identify your apps with the most Page View events, which are likely to be the most important for making sure you have effective naming occurring. Hover over each radial component for individual app count.

Feeling inspired? Share today! We have a Shared Dashboards contest happening right now in the community!

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