Relic Solution: So you've created a new account and can't seem to access your old account

Hi New Relic explorers!

My name is Hunter and I work on the Business Support Engineering team. We help out with account, security and access issues.

Maybe you’ve recently opened a new account but now find that you cannot seem to access your older accounts. They don’t seem to be within your account switcher UI and if you navigate to one of your older accounts using a direct link, you might see something like this:

Well, don’t you fret. There’s likely a reasonable explanation.

Creating a new NR account since approx. 7/30/20 will create a new user record within New Relic’s system that still utilizes the same user email. This means, if your browser is caching a login for the user record for the new account, you wouldn’t be able to flip over to the other accounts that utilize the older user record (without having logged out and potentially clearing cache first).

The Solution?

Understanding the login workflow is key to easily navigate between these distinct user records. Here’s how:

  • Clear your browser’s cache/cookies and open a fresh window
  • navigate to
  • Enter in your email and hit return

  • you should see a prompt to “verify your account”; click that link

  • fulfill the CPATCHA
  • you will receive an email with a verification link.

  • copy this link into your browser and you should see all accounts associated with your user.

  • Note: “New Relic Original account” denotes accounts utilizing the older user records

  • Select the desired account and log in as you normally would.

  • Protip: be sure to select the “remember me” option so that you don’t have to verify your account every login.

And that’s it!

Following these steps should be all you need to regain access to your New Relic account.

If you’re still having issues, let us know! You may also want to check out this handy article: Factors affecting access to features and data.

If you’d like to completely cancel/delete one of your accounts, please see our documentation: Downgrade or cancel account/organization.