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Relic Solution: Understanding the Limit Clause in NRQL Queries



NRQL is certainly one of the most powerful aspects of Insights, allowing you to zero in on the exact data you need for monitoring or reporting your app’s performance. :chart_with_upwards_trend: There is a clause you can use in NRQL queries that let’s you get even more exact results: LIMIT.

By default, all NRQL queries return 10 results (or 100 for * queries). Perhaps you need to see fewer results, or a whole lot more. Employing the LIMIT clause in your NRQL query will allow you to specify the exact number of results you want to see. from 1 to 1,000. There is a hard 1,000 results limit on all NRQL queries. Just add the LIMIT clause to your next NRQL query to test it out.

For example, this query shows the top 20 countries by session count and provides 95th percentile of response time for each country for Windows users only:

SELECT uniqueCount(session), percentile(duration, 95)
  FROM PageView WHERE userAgentOS = 'Windows'

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