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Relic Solution: Using Synthetics to Monitor SSL Expiration



@stefan_garnham Thanks for your help here, and for pinging me on this.

@yograj.patel -

The 403 Forbidden error is happening as we post the events to Insights. The Insights Insert API will return 403s when it cannot authenticate the API key, I replicated this by ensuring my account had no access to insights (Insights None subscription), I still used the correct API key & account ID…

When I enabled the appropriate subscription for my account the monitor ran fine…

In testing this, I also substituted a false API key, and got the same 403 error, fixing the API key fixed the error.

So this points to two possibilities;

  • Wrong API Key.
  • Most likely - I opened your account and I can’t see any insert API key listed in the SSL cert test script I can find. Could you PM me with the API key you are using and can I have your permission to test the script in your account myself?
  • Invalid subscription.
  • This makes a little less sense to me, I can see from your account that you have Insights Pro, additionally I asked our engineers to look at your account in the DB and we see the appropriate subscriptions there.

Like I mentioned, my thoughts currently are that this is an API key issue. If possible, please do PM me the API key (or link to it) so I can run a test here to validate the behaviour you are seeing.

If we can replicate this with that information we’ll get this escalated further for investigation.


@RyanVeitch I have provided the api key details and the account ID info. Please verify and assist me.


@yograj.patel - Thanks for sending that over. That looks like your Admin account API key.

For the Insights Insert API you’ll need a different key.

There are 2 Insights specific API keys, 1 for inserting data and 1 for querying. In this case you’ll need an Insert key which you can find here:

Let me know if updating that key helps :smiley:


Thanks Ryan, it worked.


Thanks! That worked. I’ve tweaked it a bit to generate different error messages but in a nutshell it works!