Relic Solution: Why Do I Have Only Profiler Logs and No Agent Logs?

This post assumes you have current profiler logs for your application, but no agent logs. If you’re not sure about this, start with the general .NET agent troubleshooting guide.

There are four reasons a .NET agent might generate a profiler log for an application, but not an agent log.

1. There is no traffic to the application

  • Make sure you’re exercising your application with the type of traffic you’d normally see in the app.

2. There is an error present in the profiler log

3. The agent is not configured to monitor that specific application.

  • This only applies to the .NET Framework agent, not the .NET Core agent.
  • Search the profiler log for the string is not configured to be instrumented. If you find it in the log, see this link for more info.

4. The agent does not contain any instrumentation relevant to the application (i.e. It doesn’t know what to monitor).