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Relic Solutions: Cleaning Up Attribute Names on Your Dashboards


Widgets on your dashboards can show up with some really ugly attribute names. They all take the form of ‘userAgentName = ‘blah’’, which doesn’t make it ideal for presentation. You can use AS after any aggregator function to humanize this a bit and make it cleaner for display. This is great for presenting data to stakeholders who may not want or need to know about underlying data.

Another way to use AS is when you’ve [assigned a tag to a key transaction] ( That way, you can make %checkout% look better by using AS 'Checkouts'.

A tip of the Nerd-Relic cap to Henry Shapiro, Insights Product Manager, for sharing this tip.


Like the tip about tagging key transactions as this could be used to display failure rates of transactions in a complex process for improving resilience.


Good idea @stefan_garnham!