Reminder! Learn Some Stuff, Earn Some Stuff!

Update 25th June 2020:

This contest has now ended. Keep an eye out for your next opportunity to win some New Relic Swag! :partying_face:

Hi Explorers :wave:

This post is your reminder to check out and take part in our ongoing competition to win some great New Relic Swag!

All you need to do is visit us here at the Explorers Hub, Read a few topics, and like a few posts! Simple :smiley:

You have until June 23rd, so plenty of time to reach the goals we’ve set for you!

Remember there are 2 levels of prizes, either Global Level by getting yourself the below 3 badges

  • Earn a global frequent flyer badge :global_frequent_flyer: by visiting the Explorers Hub 10+ times
  • Earn a global scholar badge :global_scholar: by reading 100+ topics
  • Earn a global enthusiast badge :global_enthusiast: by giving 25+ likes

Or you can go Intergalactic! by reaching the following 3 badges!

  • Earn an intergalactic frequent flyer badge :intergalactic_frequent_flyer: by visiting the Explorers Hub 15+ times
  • Earn an intergalactic scholar badge :intergalactic_scholar: by reading 150+ topics
  • Earn an intergalactic enthusiast badge :intergalactic_enthusiast: by giving 50+ likes

Click here to see which badges you have already

Good Luck!


Thank you @RyanVeitch for this reminder!

Shout-out to those of you who have already won the Global Level prize :star_struck::confetti_ball: or are VERY close to qualifying for it. You just have to do a little bit more to get an even bigger prize!

@stefan_garnham @imrankhan @Satish.Kakwani @Michael.Ben-David @srahulgurnule