Remove applications from the New Relic UI (APM)

I want to remove an application from NewRelic APM. I have disabled the agent by uninstalling the newrelic gem and removing the newrelic.yml file. But i still find the app health status indicator to be ‘green’ and i don’t see any link to disable/uninstall the app from the UI.

Followed this link:

Hi @arun.kumar: You should be able to go the the APM view and see a cog on the right hand side on the list of applications. If you have the permissions, you can click this and then select delete.

Note that any visitors who may have cached pages on their device will still report to APM until that page is deleted from their cache.

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It seems that the new UI does not allow to delete APM from the list. An oversight?
How can I mass-deleted inactive APM?


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Hi, @eexit: You may find this post helpful: