Remove user on account now owned

How can I remove my user from the account that I do not own?

Hey maksym.pugach :wave:

Thanks for reaching out!

It looks like your account is a Heroku New Relic Add-On account and the you appear to be the only user. Since you’re the only user, did you instead want to cancel this add-on account? If so, you can cancel the account by removing the Heroku Add-on: Uninstall your New Relic add-on.

If you didn’t want to cancel the account but instead just be removed from it, you’ll need to first add another user as a collaborator: Collaborating with Other Developers on Your App.

Let me know if that helps but I’ll be nearby if you have any follow up questions.



hi @hbeezley

My personal Heroku space is empty and I am not a participant of any team at the moment. I have lost contact with them a long time ago.

Hi @maksym.pugach,

Thank you for the update.

I have submitted an internal ticket to the support team to look into this further. They will send you an email directly.

Please let me know if I can assist with anything else.

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