Removing Applications - cog (settings) gone


I am having issues to find a way to remove applications in APM which do not send data anymore. I remember in the old New Relic layout I just had to click on a little cog to access the “Delete” functionality. Now, nothing comes up when hovering over the Application’s name in the APM overview list. Where did this feature go?

In both views I can not find the “Delete” button.

Thanks in advance!

Hello, @it-system: You may find this post helpful:

Hey Phil,

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately the API returns a 404 for every application ID I try to delete. I also tried out the endpoint to fetch my applications, but it returns an empty array. So according to the API I have 0 applications connected to my account even tho I can see them in the New Relic One UI.

That is odd. I am going to open a support ticket so that one of our engineers can assist you. Please watch your email.

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