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Removing XDebug from my PHP config to enable data collection by NR agent causes apache to segfault


Please share your agent version and other relevant versions below:

New Relic (“eggplant” - “8832d5518c43”) [daemon=’/tmp/.newrelic.sock’ php=‘’ zts=no sapi=‘cli’ pid=2643 ppid=2629 uid=0 euid=0 gid=0 egid=0 backtrace=yes startup=agent os=‘Linux’ rel=‘4.4.0-1074-aws’ mach=‘x86_64’ ver=’#84-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 6 08’ node=‘xxxxxxx’]

PHP 7.2 on Apache 2.4

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Just as the topic says, I was trying to diagnose why the PHP agent wasn’t sending any data to NR, and ran across the following entries in the logfile:

warning: the Xdebug extension prevents the New Relic agent from gathering errors. No errors will be recorded.

So, I went to remove the xdebug extension from my php.ini, and now apache segfaults when attempting to load a page. I can only assume it’s the NR extension since it was working fine from a fresh install.

Any ideas?


Hi @edillingham, unfortunately the agent is not compatible with 3rd party error handlers such as the Xdebug extension due to the way the code is instrumented. It should be sufficient to just disable the extension without uninstalling it to run the New Relic agent. Could you confirm how you removed it?


Hi @edillingham just wondering if you have everything you need from this?