Repointing License

We recently migrated to a new RelicOne account and I would like to re-point my existing servers’ agent to the new license. What is the easies way to repoint to a new license from Windows and Linux hosts?

Hi, @erasmo.medina: It depends how you currently specify the license key. If you current have the license key in the Infrastructure agent’s configuration file, edit the file to use your new license key. If you currently specify the license key in an environment variable, update the variable to contain your new key. Then restart the agent to use the new key.

It is not possible to migrate data from your existing account to your new one.

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Where do I find this file? Is it as easy as editing it or do I need to run a utility tool / software to update it? Thank you

Just edit the file and restart the agent. This document tells you where to find it: Configure the infrastructure agent | New Relic Documentation.

Thanks again for pointing me to the resources. I managed to find the Server Monitor application where I updated the license, but the agent on this Windows 2008 Server is old version, I restarted the service but nothing happened. Any suggestions?

If you are referring to the server monitoring agent, it has been discontinued and no longer works. It has been replaced by the Infrastructure agent, which unfortunately does not support Windows 2008.

Hello again @philweber , I would like to update the license information on a Windows Server 2008 that has been running NewRelic Agent version 1.0.859 for a few years now. When I attempt to stop the service I am getting the error as per the screenshots attached.
What is the best approach to update the license?
How do I stop and re-start the service? Thank you

You are trying to stop a service named newrelic-stop. As the error message says, the service name is invalid. :slight_smile: