Reporting Django web app + Django-RQ worker

I’m having a lot of trouble making newrelic report insights about my django app hosted on heroku. My app is composed of:

The gunicorn part is reporting fine with newrelic-admin run-programin my Procfile. But the worker does not seem to report whatsoever. So far I’ve tried:

  • using different NEW_RELIC_APP_NAME env variable for web and worker (in Procfile)
  • using different newrelic.ini conf files for web and worker with different app names
  • using newrelic.agent.initialize to trigger report manually in the script that runs my worker, linking to a newrelic.ini dedicated to the worker (w/ a different app name)

Any hint on properly configuring my stack? Thanks in advance.

Thank you very much for posting to the forum. At this time, we do not have official support for RQ (Redis Queue). However, we do have an experimental workaround that may provide instrumentation of RQ. I’d like to open a ticket so we can explore possibly implementing the workaround and so I can file a feature request on your behalf for RQ support.

If you don’t receive an email regarding the ticket, please check your spam folder. If you still don’t see the email, please contact us.

I would also love this support!

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