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request.headers.User-Agent for Transaction table?



I noticed that on TransactionError we can get the request.headers.User-Agent value, which returns the full UserAgent information, while on the Transaction table we can only get UserAgentName, UserAgentOs and UserAgent version.
Why is that? When I go to any transaction on APM I can see the full UserAgent information so I don’t know why I can’t do the same on insights.


Do you mean a transaction trace in APM?


Yes, when you open a Transaction Trace, on the Transaction Attributes section you can find the User-Agent.


Try this:


Select ``request.headers.userAgent` from transaction


The forum doesn’t represent the ticks correctly in the query. You have to have the ticks on the request.headers.userAgent

You can find available attributes for your app by doing this kind of thing:

Select keyset() from Transaction where appName = 'marmite' since 1 day ago


Hey @ncorralreformam - was @6MM’s NRQL help useful for you? Let us know if you need further assistance.