Requesting to bump my user permissions for Heroku NR APM Addon

I am going to be running many services on Heroku and am evaluating NR APM for monitoring those services. I noticed I cannot setup Policies for Alerts. Can you bump my permissions?

I have a couple of questions.

  1. Am I going to have to request this every time I add a new Heroku service? Seems pointless you create the account as standard user and then have folks have to request bumping their user permissions to be able to create alerts?

  2. If I add a new heroku service, can I point that service to an account that was created by one of the other heroku services. Essentially stack the services onto one Herok NR account?

We are going to be monitoring ~30 services.

@sregan There are different agreements between Heroku and NR depending on the type of account you have. This docs outlines these more: Heroku: Install the New Relic add-on | New Relic Documentation

To change your Heroku permissions I do need to ask our support account team to assist. You should receive an email from them soon.


Can I get admin permissions for my heroku account too?

@d.tak I will ask our support account team to assist you also. You will get an email soon.

Hello. Same here. You should really consider implementing a better process for getting this access than posting here. I can imagine that almost anyone using NR on Heroku would want to set up alerts, and this process is really inconvenient and frustrating.

Hi @paul.citarella! I appreciate the feedback and apologies for the frustration. I have reached out to our team to assist you with this and they will follow up shortly by email.

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