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Research team Introductions


Meet the New Relic Product Research team!


How and where? :slight_smile:


We’ll be at the FutureStack events in San Francisco, London, and Sydney.

And, you’ll see us more and more on the discuss forums!


Hello New Relic Explorers!

My name is Tyler and I am a Product Design Researcher at New Relic based in our Portland, Oregon, USA office.

I started at New Relic in June 2018, but have been in the enterprise IT space for a few years, previously working on configuration management and infrastructure discovery solutions at Puppet.

I came to New Relic because monitoring is an exciting space with lots of intriguing questions on how to best help people quickly identify and solve complicated technological issues before they become business showstoppers.

Outside of work, I like to make things and dabble in cake baking, ice cream churning, food fermenting, and woodworking with varying degrees of success. And, when those hobbies fail me, I’ll throw in a video game or movie and explore another world for a while. I’m presently enjoying a virtual Manhattan in the absolutely incredible Spiderman from Insomniac Games.


Greetings, Explorers!

My name is Emma, also a Product Design Researcher based in Portland. I’ve been at New Relic for just over a year now, and have also been in Portland for the same amount of time. I come to Portland and New Relic by way of Seattle, where I worked as a Design Researcher at Microsoft (on the Microsoft Office team) while getting my MSc in Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington.

I have a bit of an eclectic background; I grew up in Zimbabwe and have also lived in several countries around the world - most recently in Mexico where for 4 years I lived and worked as a project coordinator for a local non-profit. My travels have fueled a deeper curiosity for people and new experiences. What I love about Product Design Research at New Relic, is it allows me to continue to explore my fascination with people and improving lives through thoughtful design. It’s rewarding to spend my days learning about the interplay between New Relic and the people who use it to every day to get work done.

In my off time, I can be found eating all the things around Portland, taste testing local IPAs, finding the most scenic camping spots in the PNW and driving a Sprinter van around Iceland.


Hi Explorers!

My name is Leanne and I’m the Sr Director, Product Research here at New Relic. I’m based in San Francisco, CA, USA office. Like Tyler, I started here at New Relic in June 2018.

I’m a research expert for all sorts of tech and Web and mobile. I’m an early adopter of tech, formerly working in product dev and QA and statistical analysis (now it’s called “data science”), city walker, MUNI rider, pianist, cocktail mixer, and avid reader. I love humanity and technology and storytelling and a good joke. I’m the sysadmin and tech support at my house.

I’ve been using tech since the late 1970’s and, when I was a kid, I hoped someday I could carry a computer in my pocket. Success!

I’m really looking forward to getting to know all of you while growing our research practice.