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Response from Ping monitor


I’m faced with an issue where the Ping monitor fails with error “ResponseValidationError: Response did not contain the expected string ‘{ “status” : “UP”, “LDAPHealth” : { “status” : “UP” …’”
I ran a curl command and the output matches my response validation -
“status” : “UP”,
“LDAPHealth” : {
“status” : “UP”
“db” : {
“status” : “UP”,
“database” : “PostgreSQL”,
“hello” : 1
Is the formatting of this output (above) the issue why Ping monitor complains?


Hi, @priyadarshini.r.kolw: I suspect that Synthetics is doing an exact string comparison. The response contains newline characters, while your validation string does not.


Thank you for the reply @philweber. Can the response validation contain newline characters or any workarounds?
I tried a couple of, but none worked -

{\r\n “status” : “UP”,\r\n “LDAPHealth” : {\r\n “status” : “UP”\r\n },\r\n “db” : {\r\n “status” : “UP”,\r\n “database” : “PostgreSQL”,\r\n “hello” : 1\r\n }\r\n}


Hi, @priyadarshini.r.kolw: It looks like Ping monitors are designed to validate simple (single-line) strings in the response, such as {"status":"UP"}. I have not been able to get a Ping monitor to recognize a multi-line validation string.

To validate more complex responses, you may use an API Test monitor (which is, unfortunately, not free).


Thanks for your reply @philweber. I think I’ll go the API route.