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Response time 3x Transaction time


We recently made some nuget updates to our web app, and suddenly response times are 3x greater than the transaction times for our app. I have run profiling and I do not see any big time sinks. The transaction detail obviously doesn’t tell me anything.

Per this could be resource contention. But as far as we can tell there shouldn’t really be any resources that are being consumed more than otherwise. And if they were, I would expect them to be consumed within a transaction that would be measurable.

Is there any way to diagnose where this time is going?

The link above is currently to our free account, as this is test code we have deployed to a test server. If needed we can promote the test server to our paid account.


Hello @jason.coyne

Thanks for providing the link of the saved graph, showing response time.
In around 29th of August, I do see the spike in response times but then it goes back to normal.
I can see the response time return to normal after the 30th of August.

I can check if there were any changes made since you saved the \notes/5859?


@hdolan I believe there is a miscommunication. The issue is not that response time goes up and then down, the issue is that response time is 3x (or more) above the sum of all of the transaction time.


The dark blue response time is when your app sent an http response and isn’t a sum of the instrumented code. So this means this response time is likely correct but there is some uninstrumented code occurring.

This can happen when the agent loses track of async code. I’d recommend first upgrading the agent to the latest version as there have been some async fixes. If you are still seeing this behavior I’d want to check the agent log for this app in C:\ProgramData\New Relic\.NET Agent\Logs\ with the loglevel set to “debug” in your newrelic.config.


@beastman We have updated the new relic agent, and are still seeing the same behavior. The only thing I see in the debug logs that looks interesting is a lot of

2019-09-10 15:53:51,359 NewRelic DEBUG: Tried to retrieve CAT response metadata, but there was no transaction


It seems to be losing time on external http calls. In this new relic screenshot, note the very low time recorded for the external call productSearch, only 43ms.

However, using a different profiling tool, the overall time is very similar (~800-900ms), but the ProductSearch http call is taking ~500ms, which lines up nicely with the missing time from the new relic graph.


Hi @jason.coyne, can you send a link to that application and/or transaction? It’s safe to include here, nobody will be able to access it outside New Relic.

~ @jlangdon



However, the account is on the free tier, and unless I am actively testing, won’t have traffic. However, we could promote the app to our paid account if needed for support.


@jason.coyne -

I think we’ll have to gather some “finest” agent logs to try to tease things out here. I’ll make a ticket for that purpose and then we’ll try to post our findings back here.