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Response Time in APM



Would it possible to get the response time via NRQL in APM?
I am trying to set a alert, I am able to find the option in Alerts but could only do for single application, hence i wanted to do it through NRQL alert


Hi, @moses.arock: Yes, you should be able to create a NRQL alert condition similar to the following:

SELECT percentile(duration, 80)
FROM Transaction
WHERE appName IN ('Application 1', 'Application 2')

If you monitor Apdex or response time instead of percentile, you can use an Application Metric condition and target a label instead of an application name. This allows you to target multiple applications without resorting to a NRQL condition. You can also target future applications that do not yet exist, if you apply appropriate labels to those applications (such as “Environment: Production”).