I had this saved before NR One, but I have list it. There was a document that contained all the API code to write NRQL commands and run via linux servers.
spaces = %20
, = %2C

Changing this code
select DaysToExpiration,ExpirationDate,Url,SupportGroup FROM SSLCertificateCheck where DaysToExpiration <= 15 ORDER BY DaysToExpiration since 24 hours ago limit 1000

to this.<%3D%2015%20ORDER%20BY%20DaysToExpiration%20since%2024%20hours%20ago%20limit%201000

looking for the table that has all the changes needed.
If you can push me in the correct direction (URL) it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Where do I find the conversion data dictionary that tells me in curl commands
that space = %20
, = %2C
I have wasted an entire day looking for this document but there has been nothing. I stumbled on this in the past, but I lost my uri.
Trying to create new curl commands to query data etc…

Hi, @ron.hansen:

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