Restrict some users to create / configure APM agents

Hi, I wanted to know if there is a way to limit that any user can access create / configure apm agents.

I have tried setting them as Restricted user, but they can still configure the agents.

Is there any way?


@Gonzalo.Guajardo Have you tried Add-on roles? This doc outlines how you can setup managed or custom add-on roles:

Creating new roles does not work for that, as they are left with the same levels or permissions for APM as a restricted user.

What would be the correct combination so that a user cannot activate an apm freely?


Nothing in the app prevents an agent reporting if the correct credentials are present. This evident by machines deploying hosts with agents. Any control around configuring agents must happen outside of NR.

I’ve spoken to our account team and this is something they will need to work with you on. They’ll be in contact soon!