Restricting access to different logs

I am currently evaluating New Relic for our use case,

Basically, we are looking for a Cloud-hosted replacement for Prometheus/grafana and ELK stack, and New Relic seems like a good fit.

But one of the requirements that we had was to have RBAC policies configured so that only certain users have access to the logs from a dedicated set of services, We would also like to extend this to allow certain users to have access to the specific dashboard. Going through the documentation of new-relic I could not find any such configuration available. Is that the case? Or am I missing something?

Hi @kartik.bhat

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I have done some digging and unfortunately its not possible to have an account function in this way, as can once a user has permissions on the account they have access to the features within the account.

However I there is a potential workaround that may be suitable. Consider having multiple accounts and then split the users in different accounts, for example users you wish to only have access to X dashboard should be given permissions to that account.

Please note New Relics accounts are free.

I hope this helps you achieve your goal, should you have any followup questions please do reach out!