Restricting User Self-Upgrading On Free Plan

Hi, is there any way to prevent a user from self-upgrading their account from a basic user to a higher tier? We had one user curiously go through and upgrade their account, not fully realizing what the implications were, and it’s frustrating that we will now get charged for it when we do not need that upgraded account (which I have already downgraded). I see there is a setting for it called out here, but as we are first trying out New Relic and on the free plan, we do not have access to modify the Authentication Domain to prevent users from self upgrading. Is there no other way to prevent this on the free plan? Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @matt198

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

Also its so good to see your first post in the community.

So to confirm my understanding, a user on the account upgraded their own permissions, from basic user to admin full platform?

As I am currently only seeing user as admin on the profile, am I correct to say the users role was since changed back ?

Additionally the account in question is still a free account, so it shouldnt incur additional charges to my understanding. However if you wish I can create a case with the billing team.

Before being able to create a case with the billing team I would need you to confirm the following info via a direct message;

  1. Organisation name.
  2. Company Zipcode.
  3. Company email.
  4. Contact First and Last Name.

Additionally on the organisations can prevent this from happening by choosing approval first. Which would mean users would need to make a request and have it approved first.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks @dcody !

You are correct, one of the other users on the account upgraded from basic to full platform, but I have since downgraded them back to basic as they did not need the upgraded permissions. My understanding was that because they upgraded to full platform, even though only for a limited time, we would be charged at the end of the month for that extra full access user. If we are not charged for this because I quickly downgraded the user, then that’s fine. It would be good to confirm with billing though, so I’ll follow up with you via message around that.

As for setting it to approval first on the organization, that option does not appear to be changeable on my account, I assume because it is free. Is it possible to set for a free account? If it is possible, do you have instructions on how I could do so?

Hi @matt198

Thank you for the update, I completely understand.

I also note the direct message you sent me with the updated account info. Once the team can confirm the account info, I will be able to create a case on your behalf with the Billing team.

As this is out of my scope I can not confirm if the billing teams findings but I am confident they will be able to assist in resolving this for you.

I am out of office till Tuesday but I will be sure to follow this up once im back. However my colleague may be able to assist should there be an update prior to my return.

Hi @matt198

Just confirming here also, that I have created a case with the billing team. They will reach out via email soon.